The Time Traveller’s Wife Review
I wanted more.


Hey All. Just come back from my 30th getaway and I am feeling quite relaxed. On the getaway I managed to go and watch The Time traveller’s wife, a film that has been on my radar for quite a while. I first read the book a few years ago and it still remains one of my favourites because it appeals on so many levels. The story of love and pain through time is an amazing concept that was just begging for a film.

So when I first heard that Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams would star as the time crossed lovers, I was thrilled. I love them both as actors and knew they would be great for their parts. For most part they are, especially with Bana’s emotive face which is perfect for character of Henry. I am also relieved to see they share great chemistry onscreen which is needed to keep this story afloat. But before we dig in let’s tell you the plot but don’t get scared ladies as this is not a Sci Fi film.

The film revolves around Eric Bana’s Henry who suffers from a rare disorder which makes him travel back in time. This causes him to disappear at random times and places, causing much distress to his loved ones. During many of these collapses back in time Henry interacts with a girl named Claire who eventually grows up and falls in love with him. Played by the beautiful Rachel McAdams , this is the role she does best so there really isn’t a stretch here.She does good as the long love of Henry’s time travelling life and also as another victim of his random comings and goings.

At first the film can be difficult to understand as you see Henry time travel back and forth through all the aspects of his life . It is a hard sell of a plot and an even harder job to film but director Robert Schwentke does well enough with keeping us in the loop. He adds good enough visuals and backgrounds to keep us in the romantic drama genre and steers clear of the Sci-fi road. Unfortunately, this is the perfect description of the movie, good enough. I may be a bit bias because of my love of the book but even on an objective stance this film is just good enough.

The only standouts are the easy realism between Bana and McAdams as they create the tension and empathy needed for us stay interested. My problem was I just wanted more from it. With a source material that is so original in it’s concept and execution, I wanted a film that should have been a classic.

The support cast could have been bulked up more so it could have added depth but in the film it just seemed that they were there just to corroborate Henry’s abilities. I can’t stop thinking what this film would have been like if it was in the hands of a master like Spielberg or Eastwood. I would have loved to see the film through the eyes of Sam Mendes or Alfonso Cuaron. I just think it may have been a bit overwhelming for Schwentke. But he done good enough.

This film will not live strong in the hearts of it’s fans. The movie needed more depth and more fearlessness. Not in the overall plot but in the moments. Just when you see a moment that could break your heart , they pull back and stay in the safe zone. There is an epic quality to the novel that seems downgraded here in favour of fluffiness and sunshine. In the end it is a good movie on it’s own but in another angle it’s a poor adaptation of a brilliant novel. For those looking for a couples film then it’s still worth a watch. Fans of the book will leave disappointed about the wasted potential. This could have been so much more.

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I was disappointed with the film. In a post Benjamin Button world people need to lift their game on epic romance stories. The film just doesn't cut it after such a good book.
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