Wolfman Review
Horror is fun again

I am not a fan of most modern day horror. Its overuse of gore is really meant for the types who love watching idiots deliberately hurt themselves on Youtube. I think the excessive use of gore just for the point of reaction is lazy directing. Don’t get me wrong I like some gore to help add to the fear, I just disagree when it is used only to add nausea. I do not like most modern day blockbuster horrors. So with Universal’s reimagining of its classic monster The Wolfman, I have to say I have regained my hope in big budget horror.

The Wolfman is a fun horror film that pays respect to it’s deep past whilst using modern CGI to take it forward. The story of the son who returns home to bury his brother is an old one even for werewolves but it is made fresh by the talent of its cast Benicio Del Toro , Anthony Hopkins , Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. You really don’t need to know much more of the plot apart from, he gets scratched by a werewolf and eventually becomes one.

If you are a fan of old school horror you will see all the nods director Joe Johnston has added to the film. We see the fear of the old Wolfman (Benicio even looks like Chaney jnr) and the action of American werewolf in London. It is cool to see onscreen. Joe Johnston has done very well in bringing the washed out colour of ye olde England and adding actors that can still shine through it.  Former Art Director Joe Johnston's next film will be Captain America and I needed to examine this film to gain confidence in him doing it and I must say I am now very confident. He brings the fears and the tragedy of the story whilst letting the very talented cast loose. His action sequences and visuals are slick, moody and atmospheric. They bring you into the nightmare and then cut your effin head off.

The transformation scenes and the look of the Wolfman is spot on. Ricker Baker proves that he is still a king .Also the other cool thing is that this is actually a Wolf-man not a big dog like the trend for werewolves are. With the gore I talked of earlier, it is still here but it is dispersed amongst the movie with taste and to scare the crap out you. But the main thing that keeps this film above the par is the actors involved. Benicio Del Toro shows how amazing he can be with his troubled man who is cursed. He really makes you feel for him even after he has just wiped out a small army and ripped out their throats. Emily Blunt is good as the widow of Benicio’s brother and Hugo Weaving is always class as he investigates the wolf murders.

The shining star still is and always will be Sir Anthony Hopkins. The man is still at the height of his acting prowess and he steals and owns every scene he is in and about to be in. His role as the distant yet slightly kooky father is generic on paper but made amazing onscreen. The joy you see as he taunts and manipulates his world is worth the admission alone. He is truly one of the greats.

The Wolfman is a top notch remake that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. Whilst there is a downside to the end of the main battle the film does not suffer because of it. It is a film that feeds you at the right time to keep you interested. The scenes of Carnage are truly that, Carnage. The character scenes are strong and deep with dream sequences that will have you squeezing drops of pure urine fear. This is a good horror film that will have you satisfied because of its genuine scares and belief in its core material. Damn good fun. Go see it.

Posted by Prester John - 2/10/2010 8:29:53 PM


Billbeast here.......this looks amazingly done.
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