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Like all Ironman 2 reviews going around, I will start be telling you why I liked the first one. The original Ironman was probably the best comic book movie around. Now I know there are people going nuts but I think it is as I think The Dark Knight is the best graphic novel movie around. There is a magic to Ironman .The fact they have introduced a character that was wrongly considered second rate and yet it is the perfect fit for the big screen. With the original we saw the re-emergence of RDJ (all Hail) and the amazing blossoming of Jon Favreau as a director. Also the main thing I love about this franchise is that you don’t leave the film depressed. As with the original, Ironman 2 has shown that you don’t have to go darker and grittier to be better.

The first half hour of the film we are introduced to all the characters we loved from the first as well as the ones that will blow our mind in the future. With the hilarious dialogue and the care free feel we are put at ease to just relax and enjoy the ride. We are also introduced to a good story line that shows the brilliant yet arrogant Tony Stark (RDJ-All Hail) dealing with the world as they accept him as the saviour Ironman. It seems that Ironman has been busy and has helped the world come to a form of peace. But just as he reaches his pinnacle, the forces of evil start to make their moves. Stupid evil people!!.  That’s all you really need to know as the film unfolds at a good pace. But who needs a story in Ironman ,because I showed up to see the characters.

The cast of Ironman 2 is perfect like the first. Even films the new castings fit like a glove and that is crucial because that is what makes Ironman 1 and 2. It’s funny actually, you get just as excited to see the dialogue scenes as you are the action scenes and this is unique to superhero films as they all try to blind you with spectacle. The casting of Mickey Rourke is inspired as the villain wronged by the Stark family. He actually brings alot of depth to the character that is not really needed for a comic book film but he nails the Russian accent and the madness that comes with it.

Sam Rockwell is also perfect as the wannabe Tony Stark. He stumbles and sleazes his way through the film and is still likeable because of the brilliance of Sam Rockwell. He always manages to make the most rotten character watchable. He is truly an overlooked great one. We also meet Scarlett Johanssen who is just damn hypnotic in so many ways. She plays the secretary with a secret. She also proves that she may be the next Angeline Jolie with her action finesse. Apart from being absolutely sexy, she is also believable when she takes a dude down. Damn sexy.

As for the replacement kid, Don Cheadle. I have to say Damn Yes. This is Don Cheadle. He shows better chemistry than the previous incarnation and is also more adept at the comedy when needed.  Then of course we have the beautiful Pepper Potts.  I never used to be a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but I am now. She was great in part one and she is even better here as you watch her struggle to maintain some form of sanity in-between mothering Tony in the business world whilst caring for him personally. She is just beautiful and her classiness outshines Scarlett. Then we are left with the master. All Hail!!

There is a quote through the film where Tony Stark proudly boasts “I Am Ironman!!” It is said with a confidence of a person who knows, who just knows. I also think it is RDJ (all Hail) telling the world the simple truth. Without RDJ (all Hail) there is no Ironman franchise. He is the link that makes everything work. His comedic timing mixed with his incredible talent and screen charm makes him by far the best suited actor-comicbook hero casting ever. With Batman and Superman you can always find someone else to suit the features but here if RDJ (all Hail) goes then so does Ironman. It must be a great truth for him when he is negotiating with Marvel. He is just brilliant to watch. The man can go from hilarious to gravely serious is a blink of an eye and you just get swept along with him. Perfect.

Now to the director Jon Favreau. I can see why everyone wants him on The Avengers movie. He has the ability to be appeal to the nerds as well as the big crowds. His action pieces are glorious and pump the adrenaline but he is also smart not to overdirect as he simply just lets his actors take the show. He knows that Ironman lives off its characters. After all, Ironman is just like a smaller version of a Transformer but Favs wins us over by making everyone behind the suit just as important.

Another thing I want to comment on is the script by Justin Theroux. It is funny, witty whilst still maintaining a very serious undertone that rises enough to make you think but doesn’t go too far as to take away the fun. His script actually reminds me of the great Shane Black Lethal Weapon scripts. There is that amazing banter between the characters that bring so much warmth and heart to the film as well as making you laugh out loud.

Ironman 2 is a film where the action is there to compliment the story and not the other way round. The ensemble cast is a perfect fit for each other as we see them fight, play, love and ultimately accept each other for who they are. I know I may be getting a little too bullsh*tty or in-depth for a summer blockbuster but I just love this the more I think of it. Ironman 2 is a great extension of the first. It is so good that it does make me worry when they bring all the Marvel films together as I don’t want the amazing chemistry of this franchise to be disrupted. This is a damn fun movie that has action scenes that will blow your mind. So far my favourite of the year but you all probably knew I’d say that anyway. Definitely go see it.

ATTENTION NERDS: Wait until after the credits. That is all

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