Captain America Review and Avengers pics
You know I liked it!!

Hey, I usually don’t introduce my own reviews but as you may know there is an Avengers Teaser trailer after Captain America and Collider have took some screen shots for us that I will add throughout the review. Here is my two cents:

This is another marvel film that I have been waiting along time for. Captain America has always been a character close to my heart. He is marvel’s shining star like Superman is to DC. Like Supes he is the golden boy with unbreakable ethics and principles. The 2 characters are mirrors to me as they are the ones that fight harder than the other characters because they refuse to become like the villains they fight which is an unfortunate trait many of today’s so called heroes. If they were real these guys would be the ones who inspired goodness and righteousness. They are the true definition of hero as they are also good people as well as heroes. Captain America especially as he doesn’t have the powers that comfort and protect Superman. He is still mortal (as mortal as you can be in comics) and he still fights the good fight. That is why I have loved this character and that is most likely the reason I liked this film even before I set foot into the theatre.

When Biggeoff and I were designing the original site I created a mock story in which Leonardo Dicaprio was cast as the man himself. Whilst that was just dreaming after watching Captain America:The first Avenger I have to say I am glad he didn’t get the role as Chris Evan is the perfect casting. He embodies the character of Steve Rogers. The weak man with the strong heart. So when the film starts and you see Chris Evans face superimposed on a skinny short frame you can’t help but be amazed. This is brilliant. there are some moments where his face is out of whack but 99% of the time you don't see it and you just see a skinny man trying to be like his friend.

You have all seen the pictures of him so you know Chris Evans fits Captain America physically but he also does well with the character not playing it too hokey but also being aware that he is a hokey character sometimes. Capt America says those words that would make you cringe but Evans does it straight faced and with enough conviction that you are ready to follow him into the breach. Evans brings depth to a character that actually does not have a character Arc. He does not need to become the better man as he already is the better man and the porcedure only enhances this .This is shown to you numerous times but luckily not enough to choke. Evans does a lot of justice to the character that you accept he is the perfect fit and no one else would do. Marvel has shown it’s strength again with casting actors that become the role. He IS steve Rogers as much as Hemsworth is Thor and RDJ (All Hail) is Ironman

Now enough of the Evans love fest let’s get to the main danger: The story. This is a character created at a time where propaganda was ripe. He is un ashamedly American and he is a loyal soldier. In today’s environment this may not work but Marvel and Director Joe Johnston are smart in the fact that they have created a story in context to when it was created and they have done it ,once again, unashamedly. They are careful to add enough plot and back story that you care about the character and his journey. He doesn’t suddenly become the Capt. It isn’t until a good half hour into the film he becomes the super soldier and even then he is stalled from action but instead of boring you , you are swept along with the story.

You may backlash at this but there is a lot of Spielberg in this film (Director Johnston worked on Raiders of the lost ark) even though it is far from the Spielberg magic it does effortlessly capture the Spielberg sense of adventure. You can almost swap the shield and helmet for a whip and a dusty fedora. This a true adventure film like they should be , not trying to overwhelm you but trying to take you with it. To me this was the greatest achievement. It successfully brought what could have been a dated character and made his idealism and adventure fun and exciting and by setting most of the film in the past director Joe Johnston has made the character relevant to the present.

All in all I loved the adventure of this tricky character and I love that it is doing well in the cinemas as it deserves to do well. The cast are great with Tommy Lee Jones always showing perfect timing and Stanley Tucci still proving that he is one of the greatest actors of our generation. This is a film that will get your heart racing. Is it the best Marvel film? It is not as great as Iron man and I will have to watch Thor again to compare but it is another damn good film from a studio that has stuck to it’s vision so well.
Go and have fun as i will definitely be seeing it again.



Posted by Prester John - 7/29/2011 4:33:31 PM