The Avengers Review
It is all I wanted it to be!!

Firstly let me start this review by thanking the internet and Bill Gates. I know the two may not seem related to The Avengers but they are and I will try to tell you why. If it wasn’t for the onset of Bill Gates and the internet the jocks would still run this world. Yes they would. We would still have Rambo style and all other types of meathead blockbuster films being thrown at us and we would have to accept it. Even though I love the Rambo meat head films, I am glad from the depths of my Cinefools soul that this is no longer the norm.

The bloated point I am trying to make is that I believe The Avengers is the proof that nerds now run the world. We have won!! From sitting in my room in a small town in rural Australia reading and dreaming of an Avengers film 20 years ago to actually sitting in the theatre last week awaiting the start of it I could not help but laugh at all those asses and jocks/footballers/meat heads who laughed and made fun of my reading materials. They are now the concepts they climb over each other to see so many years later.

Let me remind you...We have won. I watched some of these Jocks come into the theatre and put their feet on the seats and laughed as they said how effin cool The Avengers will be and how pumped they were to see it and I felt like turning back to them and saying you’re welcome. So if you are a nerd, your hardwork has paid off. Our comrades have now grown and run the websites and write the stories that now shape our culture. Get out that old comic book shirt and wear it in pride as it now vintage.

There is no way a film about multiple marquee superheroes coming together in one film could ever be possible without the nerd uprisings of the nineties and noughties. The uprising has changed film and how we look at the culture that others used to scoff at. Comic Books used to be the greatest weapon against losing your virginity and even though they are now still not amazingly cool they are now taken a lot more seriously by studios. Who would have thought that a studio would put their biggest film, one they have been organizing and converging over 5 films and a billion dollars, into the hands of uber-nerd Joss Whedon to take forward. Only in a nerd world does this happen.

To my utter ecstatic joy , Joss Whedon has created an amazing film here with the Avengers. A film I was actually scared of seeing because of all the expectations I had in it. I was like a man in love going to meet his girlfriend in a coffee shop because she “wants to talk”. I was unsure of how it would end and whether I would be crying on the floor by the end of it. But Whedon has brought all these major stars together and weaved not a perfect film but one that has respected my nerd heart and extremely entertained my Movie brain. Joss has done brilliantly. I salute you!

Now we will get to the other stuff. I am not going to stay long on this as I really would rather you be in the theatre watching this film than listening to my egocentric opinions. The plot is basically Tom Hiddleston’s Loki (who lied straight to my face when I asked him about his role in the Avengers..I will get you Tom!!) trying to take over the world with the help of an alien race. So Nick Fury assembles a team to take them on. So like I said above I am just going to give you a rundown on each character and what I thought quickly.

The team consists of:

 Ironman- RDJ (all Hail) remains brilliant as Tony Stark. Here he is back to his happy self and is the star of the film as you’d expect but he deserves it. He brings something new everytime.


Thor- Not a huge character film for Hemsworth’s Thor but he ramps it up in the action department. You see how actually powerful he is here.


Captain America- Chris Evans is better here. Gone are the awkward skinny boy made hero moments. Here he is Captain America. The strategist and clean cut hero we all want on our side

Black Widow – Not annoying and not used just to bring in boys. Bigger role and bigger action. Scarlett does well with Widow and she is in tight pants.

Hawkeye-Renner is still sort of window dressing. He still doesn’t blow your mind enough to want to see a standalone but he is capable and fits well in the action.


Finally the Hulk- This Hulk is probably the best seen onscreen so far. He is everything you want him to be. Mark Ruffallo and his Other half are actually the best surprise about this film. He steals every scene as the hulk and adds depth to the character of Banner.  This was his movie to show the Hulk as a worthy character and he has in every aspect. You will remember his scenes most.

So that is my summary. The film is amazing. It nerds at you in the first half as it goes by the comic tradition of fight ourselves before we band together but it escalates. It just keeps getting better by the minute. Than the second half just slams you straight in the chest with epic scenes and action which may remind you a bit of Michael Bay but this is done with the finesse and skill of a director and a group of actors at the pinnacle of their strengths. .


Also to my fellow nerds and Cinefools.....This is officially our world now!

Posted by Prester John - 4/29/2012 2:34:41 AM


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