Amazing Spiderman Review

 I am sorry this is a bit late but i really wanted to let it sink in before made my decision on it. As you may already know, i get easily caught up in the emotion of films. I am that guy who leaves most films and screams AWESOME. I then go home and write this glowing review and after a couple of months I look back and it is nowhere near what i originally thought it was. One of these examples is the first GI Joe. I screamed its praises and I haven’t watched it since. Another example was when my brother and I walked out of Interview with a vampire. Whilst I loved the books, I thought the movie was good but when Tom Cruise pops up in the car at the end it transformed to awesome. When he laughs to the sound of the Gunners singing sympathy for the Devil i just guffawed and squeezed a drop of cinematic joy. I still think Interview is a good film but there are more flaws than I remember.

 My point is that when I left The amazing Spiderman , I could not stop yelling ,jumping up and down with glee on how damn good it was. I looked at Biggeoff who is getting cynical in his old age and he just gave a hmmph and said he wasn’t impressed. Once again I was shocked, like when he didn’t enjoy Avengers, this man is seriously becoming close to being my frienemy (I heard that term for the 1st time on a Disney show). But I wanted to make sure that I was not caught in my usual frenzy and so I stopped took a deep breath. I have held off this review just in case I saw it again but I don’t need to. I have come up with my decision.......

 Marc Webb’s new reboot of the still warm body of spiderman is good...damn excellent actually. This is a film that every fan should love as the whole feeling throughout the film is the exact tone of the comicbooks. Spiderman was never a character  of power. He will never be that character like Thor, Silver surfer or Hulk. If you were to choose a power from the marvel universe I am sure Spiderman’s is not high up the charts. Spiderman is famous because of his character. Because the Spiderman mythos is never directly about heroism but how a boy deals with power and his responsibility to heroism. Webb understands this when directing this new origin film and even though there is some changes to the lore and to the storyline advertised it still holds that character interaction that we love.


 The casting is a big highlight of the film. Gone is the Jameson role and in comes the Dennis Leary police commander in his place. Dennis has really become a very good character actor and he may even have a supporting award hidden in him somewhere but that is still down the road. Martin Sheen is the best Uncle ben you could ever have. That man has so much gravitas that every scene he graces is just a joy to watch. There is only one other actor with so much onscreen presence and he is currently batting for the DC team as a Butler to the Caped crusader. He comes across as that Granddad you always wanted. The best Uncle Ben yet! Then there is Aunt May, the character that becomes the backbone and moral compass of Peter Parker/Spiderman, Sally Fields is always Aunt May. Gone is the annoying Aunt May of the Raimi films and here is a woman more based in reality than some stereotype feisty old lady who hits people/villains with her umbrella she carries around everywhere. Rhys Ifans is good but it seems (as per the internet rants) most of his arc was left on the cutting room floor.

Once again the cast is what makes this a damn good film and the two leads will make you second guess your loyalty to the Raimi franchise. I never liked Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. She was too Aloof for a character that was meant to be amazingly beautiful but very approachable. Dunst,whilst beautiful, always struck me as out of your league and she knew it! As for Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey.....She is brilliant. She brings that laconic humour and mischievous feel she brings to every film whilst never letting you doubt her intelligence. I love her and think every film she is in is better for it. Here she is a perfect match for Garfield’s Parker in all abilities.

 As for Andrew Garfield, he is the quintessential modern day Peter Parker. He is not the super nerd, he is not the quirky guy. He is the guy that you could almost forget existed. He is one of the herd and this is where he captures the Parker essence. In a world that celebrate supernerds Parker had to change somewhat in order for him to keep true to Peter Parker the forgotten teenager. You can’t help but be impressed by Garfield’s acting and he just strengthens that here. He is a great Parker and I need to see the originals again because I currently like him better that Maguire but like I said I need to see the Raimi ones again before I set it in stone.

Director Marc Webb shows his strength in putting relationships first before the action and this makes the film stand alone as it settles and lets you admire the environment before ripping you out of it. He gives you time to love every character and the only ones that don’t show depth ,I am sure, are because of the weird , late editing out of all the parents storyline. The action sequences are great and I loved the POV sections in  3D. This film seems to put Spiderman more in contrast to the hugeness of New York. But the main thing I love in superhero films is the corn. I love the moments when the music is blaring and the hero makes the dramatic stand. Even when the crowd cheer or support him. I love the hero scene. There may be others who grimace at the corniness of it but this is a superhero film. You need it.

 As you can tell this is a  film I rank very highly and I think you should go and see this. Especially in 3D.


Posted by Prester John - 7/10/2012 2:50:49 AM


Big G not impressed and disliked Avengers - Dead to Me. The bromance is over :) I have seen it twice now dude and back for more this weekend - can't get enough - best Spidey to date!
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