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It's all about the research

Last week we were lucky enough to have Thor writer’s Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller agree to an Interview so we excitedly shot them some questions . Ashley was the first back and he answered them so damn well that it spread like wildfire across fandom. That interview is here. So Zack emailed me to just touch up on some of the answers and here they are. So have a read and enjoy.

First off. You started as a entertainment journalist. How does it feel to now be on other side of the velvet rope?

I actually pushed my journalism and screenwriting interests forward on parallel tracks for several years after graduating from school. But even when I was interviewing people and doing red carpet coverage and the like, I knew I wanted to be on the other side actually working in the industry, not just writing about it. And now that I am, I feel validated by that choice every day

Are you a fan of Thor?

I'll admit up front that I'm more of a casual comic book reader. My partner is the one with whole rooms filled with carefully bagged back issues-- his home is like the Ark warehouse of comic books! But I've always been a huge mythology and history nerd, so Thor to me is both the various incarnations of the Kirby/Lee Marvel character and a fascinating character out of Norse myth in his own right. In writing our drafts, Ash could draw on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the Kirby/Lee continuity, Simonson run, JMS issues, and so forth, while I tended to go straight to Snorri Sturluson and the Icelandic Eddas and the like to try and draw on the power of the original myths and stories wherever possible. We did crazy research on this project, everything from refreshing our memories on the entire Marvel Thor run to diving into Viking history, re-reading Beowulf and early English literature, and looking at offbeat things like a crazy, inspired translation of the Orestia that removes all the Latin out of the English language and strips the dialogue down to its muscular Anglo-Saxon essentials.

Is there any Thor storylines you are inspired by?

As a fan of the original myths, I particularly enjoyed Matt Fraction's one-offs and brutal, mythic depiction of Asgard. We also used the famous old Viking stories of Thor's fishing trip and drinking contest as touchstones when thinking about the character.

You are also writing “The Feynman chronicles” what does that involve and what other projects are you currently working on apart from Thor?

Ash covered this one pretty well, though we're also working on a couple of new original feature scripts and a pilot as well. We also recently completed a fun little job-- rewriting the script to the pre-ride show for Terminator Salvation: The Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We like to joke that it seems to be the only part of the franchise that's enjoyed both critical and commercial success-- audiences and roller coaster aficionados alike seem to really like it.

With Lost , the Sopranos an the Sarah Connor Chronicles. TV is becoming a more respected medium , is television maturing ? And would you like to stick to feature films now?

I think one could easily make the argument that since the early 1990s, television at its best has become a more vital and creatively vibrant storytelling medium than feature film. Feature films are wonderful in their way, and offer you a chance to tell big stories on a much grander scale, but television is a much more writer-driven medium and lets you get stories out there to millions of people 13 or 22 times a year. Best case scenario with Thor, people will see what we've done in a little under two years. Compare that with the show we're currently on, where we'll write an episode in June and July, shoot it in August and air it in October.

Where do you ultimately want to be in Writing? And Hollywood?

I have a huge backlog of stories and ideas floating around in my brain that I'd love to share with the world. And Hollywood is a rather unique place in which armies of highly skilled craftspeople are employed to bring these silly little stories to life and beam them out into the world-- and the crazy thing is, they pay us for it! What's not to love?

Also why writing?

I have the unfortunate combination of wanting to share whatever creativity I have with others while possessing not one iota of talent in music, dance, painting, or sculpture. So that pretty much leaves writing as the only thing I can actually sorta kinda do well enough that other people seem to enjoy it. I think I'll keep doing as long as I'm able, or at least until they force me to stop!

So that is all Fools. I just want to say thanks to Zack Stenz and Ashley Miller for doing their best to answer as much as they could with all the legal stuff gagging them . Thanks guys and keep in touch.

Below is Zack Stenz, Bill” Terminator 1&2”Wisher and Ashley Miller.

Cheers Lads

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