G.I. JOE sequels and the infamous sacking
Straight from Sommers himself

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Hey FOOLS! Today I got to attend the Australian Press Conference for G.I. JOE. Representing the film was director Stephen Sommers, producer Lorenzo Di Bonventura, and actors Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols who all arrived on Sydney Harbour via a Jet Boat. Now let me say there was a lot of fluff asked at the conference with a lot of people more concerned about what Sienna Miller was wearing that day, it was just a dress people!, and Miller's love life rather than the movie. So here are the pieces of info that will get you excited, I'll pop the full transcript up tomorrow.

Our host Jabba, yes only in Australia could a host of a Press Conference of a major Hollywood movie be called Jabba, asked if the cast were locked in for a sequel. Director Sommers had hinted at it throughout the Conference and here is his answer.

"Yes they are!" the whole cast smile and nod their heads and make a lot of noise but amidst it all Sommers shouted "Next Summer!"

Also asked by another FOOL was "What was your reaction to rumours you were fired during post production and can you please confirm if you have final cut?"

Sommers replied "Yes I have final cut, it was actually a surprise because I was in the editing room and I got a phone call from a friend checking if I had been fired and replaced, so I just kept editing. That's what's crazy about the internet because I have final cut and they couldn't throw me off if they wanted and clearly when you see the movie you'll realise how silly that was.Someone said 'It was the worst testing movie in Paramount's history' that's crap! When you see the movie you'll know it's false. It is discouraging though. If you took two seconds to look into it not only do I have final cut but as a director if I didn't have final cut, you'd have to really screw up a movie to get fired because once a director gets fired from a project the stigma attached to that movie... you're just dead."

So there you all have it, a the cast are locked in for a sequel and if Sommers has it his way another will be coming soon, I guess it'll depend on the amount of $$$ made. Check back tomorrow where I'll out the full transcript up and you can hear about Sienna's love life, the brand of the dress she was wearing and how she juggles being so famous. There is more talking about G.I. JOE and an extremely funny Marlon Wayans who gave out his phone number! See you tomorrow.

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Gratz guys - you got a mention worldwide: http://www.latinoreview.com/news/g-i-joe-is-locked-for-a-sequel-sommers-talks-firing-rumor-7450 Pissed I missed it!!
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